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Zinc Plating of Small Gage Springs for Automotive, Farm, Garden & Outdoor Equipment

National Plating Company specializes in zinc plating springs made from wire .040″ in diameter and thinner intended for use in automobiles, tractors, lawn mowers, snow blowers and other outdoor equipment. The applied material thickness is from .0001″ to .0008″ and plated parts conform to specifications from GM, Ford, Honda, and Toyota. Combinations of plating thickness, chromates, and sealers provide salt spray protection from 48 to 250 hours of salt spray exposure.

For more information on our Zinc plating process, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Small Gage Spring Zinc Plating Gallery

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Zinc Plating of Small Gage Springs Project Highlights

Product Description

Highly engineered springs designed for long term use in harsh environments

Processes Applied

Zinc Plating

Material Thickness Applied

.0001″ to .0008″

Chromate Coating Finish

Trivalent Clear
Trivalent Yellow
Trivalent Black

Hexavalent Yellow
Hexavalent Black

Additional Topcoat Applied


Salt Spray Protection

48 hrs to 250+ hrs

Spring Length

1.0″ to 9.0″

Spring Outside Diameter

.325″ to 2.5″

Spring Weight

.050 lb to .5 lb


Spring Wire

Industry for Use


Outdoor Equipment


25 pieces to 500,000+ pieces

Delivery Time

1-3 days

Standards Met

Ford S437 and MWSS21P17-B1

GM4344M and 4345M
Toyota TSH6524G
Honda D2003