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Tin Plating of Babbitt-Lined Bearings for Food Service Industry

National Plating Company has developed a process for tin plating precision Babbitt-lined axial and thrust bearings. The applied material thickness is from .00005" to .0002". Plated parts conform to specifications worked out with customers' quality departments, and many parts are 100% inspected due to the precise nature of the product.

For more information on our tin plating capabilities, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Tin Plating of Babbit-Lined Bearing Photo Gallery

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Tin Plating of Babbit-Lined Food Service Bearing Project Highlights

Product Description
Tin Plated, Babbitt-Lined Axial & Thrust Bearings for Food Service
Plating Material
Pre-Plate Operations
Post-Plate Operations
Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief
Chromate Coating
Sealer Coatings
Plating Thickness
.00005" to .0002"
Bearing Length
Up to 12 in
Bearing Outside Diameter
.005 to 1 lb.
Bearing Weight
.4 lb to 5 lb*
*Wt for ½ of a Set of 2 Halves
Industry Focus
10 pieces to 500+ pieces
Delivery Time
1-3 days
Standards Met
Customer Specifications