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Plating & Finishing Related Services Including Tin Plating, Zinc Plating, Electropolishing & Passivation Services

Quality Assurance & In-House Testing Services Offered

National Plating Company is very intentional in its commitment to quality. Our strategy is to continuously improve, and our goal is to continually deliver better parts than our customers expect.

We have the technology in-house to effectively manage our business. That technology includes a complete wet lab where we test all of our chemistries. We have written test procedures for all chemistries and have logged test results for over ten years. We also have pre-calculated adjustments to make to chemistries based on test results. We use hull cells to test actual plating results to make final qualitative adjustments. The result is consistency.

We have a Fischer X-ray inspection system to measure finished plating thickness to better that .00005" accuracy. We are just now installing a Singleton Salt Spray Chamber to qualify the corrosion protection of newly available chemistries (particularly new chromate formulations.)

Our shop floor operations are built on a foundation of standard practices. That includes methodical maintenance of chemistries as well as basic plating practices. On top of that base we have shop management software that develops individual process directions (i.e., routings) for each part. Most of an individual routing is developed the first time we run the part, and routings are routinely improved as we run successive lots.

We routinely certify finishing results to ASTM, ANSI, MIL and individual company specs.