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Environmental Information about National Plating Company

National Plating Company is completely committed to being the best we can be at protecting our environment. Our test results show it. The effluent we discharge to the sewer runs as clear as tap water. Our "worst" discharged component is zinc, which is never more than 10% of our permitted limit (mg/liter). Copper is routinely less than 5%. All other components, including nickel, chromium (hex and tri), cadmium, and lead routinely are less than 1% of our permitted limits (mg/liter.)

We had a full OSHA inspection in 2005. That inspection included instrumenting all of our employees for a full 8 hour shift to determine if they were exposed to anything objectionable. The result: no exposure to anything objectionable. Plenty of honest sweat was generated that day, as usual, but not considered a factor. OSHA levied no fines and made no recommendations that required action on our part.

Why do we do it? Because we think it is right.

How do we do it? First, by being very methodical in our waste treatment procedures (they are as structured as those that control our plating chemistries.) Second, by investing in technology (including a spectrophotometer) with the sole purpose of measuring metal concentrations in wastewater. And third, by being very intentional in how we don't change our processes or suppliers. We have been running the same basic chemistries for the last 8 years with excellent results, and resist the temptation to try to "save a few pennies" by jumping to new suppliers of chemical components.

We are unwavering in our resolve to continue these practices no matter what.